Netanyahu: Israel is an Island of Stability

Prime Minister toasts New Year with Likud members, is optimistic that government will last.

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Gil Ronen,

The Netanyahus on Rosh HaShana
The Netanyahus on Rosh HaShana
Photo: Itzik Biran

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu exuded optimism at a Rosh HaShana toast with Likud members Thursday.

"There is an outstanding coalition here," he said. "You have brought great results for the citizens of the state of Israel."

"In the face of the regional upheaval surrounding us and the greatest economic crisis in 80 years, Israel is an island of stability," he added proudly. "There is a great wave rising in the Middle East and we, who know where we are living, are navigating well as we face it, and will continue to safeguard the state of Israel."

"Our governmental stability gives a great deal to the citizens of Israel and to the state of Israel," Netanyahu went on. "I order to continue achieving and maintain stability we must pass a responsible budget. In meetings I have held with faction heads, I can say – everybody wants [this] now. And if we want it, we can do it – it is only up to us. In the face of the challenges the state of Israel is facing, it is the right thing for the citizens of Israel. And my impression this evening is that there is a will… and in that case we will meet for the fifth time next year and we will certainly be in an election campaign."

Netanyahu was referring to the elections that would be held in October 2013 if the government survives until the end of its term.