New Riots in Cairo

New riots broke out in Cairo Wednesday night, into Thursday morning, less than 48 hours after a US Ambassador was killed in Libya.

Scott Krane,

Cairo protester starting a fire
Cairo protester starting a fire

Just short of two days after some 3,000 protesters breached the walls of the U.S. embassy and tore down the American flag in protest to a recent film that lampoons Islam and shortly after the U.S. ambassador and three other personnel members were killed in Libyan riots, new riots broke out in Cairo Wednesday night, into Thursday morning.

Riot police fired warning shots and tear gas outside the U.S. Embassy to keep hundreds of protesters away. Six police officers suffered minor injuries during the clashes, according to the Interior Ministry. Protesters received medical treatment inside ambulances, according to CNN.

The protest turned violent when demonstrators threw rocks and broke through barbed wire fencing outside the embassy, according to the Interior Ministry. Two police trucks and a car were set afire, reported CNN. The protests are happening in Tahrir Square.

Many of the protesters were chanting anti-U.S. slogans, according to reporters at the scene.

Egyptian President, Muhammed Morsy referred to Egypt's moral duty to protect and respect diplomatic missions and its opposition to violent protesters.

"The presidency condemns in the strongest terms the attempt of a group to insult the place of the Messenger, the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and condemns the people who have produced this radical work," the president wrote in a statement posted on his Facebook page.

"The Egyptian people, both Muslims and Christians, refuse such insults on sanctities."

"…the Egyptian government is responsible to protect private and public properties and diplomatic missions in addition to embassy headquarters of various countries" and that "it respects and protects the right of expression and the right to protest peacefully under the law and will firmly oppose any irresponsible attempt to veer off the law." he wrote. On Wolf Blitzer’s show on CNN, guest Dan Rather said, “The Arab spring became the Arab winter and now a very hard Arab winter is setting in.” He also said, analyzing recent events in the Middle East, “The center cannot hold, there is a battle going on for the national soul of Egypt and Libya.”