Rabbi: Time for Netanyahu to 'Repent'

Rabbi of Amona called on PM Netanyahu to repent and keep his promises - to build 10 new homes in Judea and Samaria for each dismantled one.

David Lev ,

Rabbi Yair Ffrank
Rabbi Yair Ffrank
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In an interview with Arutz Sheva, the rabbi of the new community of Amona on Tuesday called on Prime Minsiter Binyamin Netanyahu to “repent before he goes any further.”

Rabbi Yair Frank made the statement in the wake of the removal of Jews from the new community of Migron, where residents were evicted from their homes earlier this week. “Netanyahu promised that he would build ten new homes for each one demolished,” Rabbi Frank said. “We are now in the High Holiday period of repentance, and those who have sinned need to repent.”

As a result of that eviction, residents of other new communities that have been threatened with demolishing in the past – notably Amona and Givat Assaf – are very agitated that what happened at Migron could happen to them. However, Rabbi Frank said that he did not believe that Amona was “next in line. In Migron there was already a written order by the High Court to remove residents from their homes. Here in Amona there is no such order.

“Now is the opportunity for the Prime Minister to asopt the Levy report on legalizing these new communities, including Amona and Givat Assaf,” Rabbi Frank said

The struggle for the Land of Israel continues, regardless of the setback at Migron, he added. “This is a struggle that has taken and will take many years. We believe in our rights to all of the Land of Israel, even if it is not clear what will happen n the near future. Our belief in the Land of Israel is not dependent on any person or individual,” Rabbi Frankel said.