Migron Residents Packing, Preparing for Eviction

Residents of Migron begin packing their belongings in anticipation of their impending eviction.

Elad Benari ,

Yoni Kempinski

Residents of the Binyamin region community of Migron, which must be demolished by Tuesday according to a Supreme Court ruling, began packing their belongings on Saturday night, ahead of their impending eviction.

Some of the residents will reportedly be evicted already on Sunday, and are expected to temporarily reside in nearby Ofra.

Last week, the residents filed a request with the Supreme Court asking that their eviction be postponed until the temporary caravan site in Givat HaYekev, where the residents are to live in accordance with a relocation agreement they signed, is completed.

The request was filed after the Mateh Binyamin Regional Council submitted an opinion to the Supreme Court stating that the site is not yet ready for occupancy due to safety hazards which still remain on the site.

The Court, however, ruled that there is no reason to delay the eviction. During the hearing, the State Attorney's Office (SAO) representative said that there is no reason to hold up the eviction, and that if necessary, the residents will be moved to a different location while waiting for the temporary site to be completed.

The Court also rejected a petition by a group of 17 families from Plot 10, who requested to stay on their land, which they have purchased from an Arab donor with the assistance of an American philanthropist.

While the Court ruled that most of the buildings must be razed by September 11, homes on Plot 10 will not be razed for the time being until their legal status is resolved.

MK Aryeh Eldad (National Union) called upon nationalists Saturday evening to head toward Migron as soon as possible, in order to protest the eviction.

"As far as I know, they are going to start the eviction of Migron tomorrow morning," Eldad wrote in his Facebook account. "They will close off the roads in order to prevent supporters of the community from showing up, and avoid a legitimate protest."

"I call upon whoever holds the building and settlement of the Land dear to his heart to get to Migron by any route possible and to hold a nonviolent protest there against the crime of eviction and destruction of a community, most of which is now on land that was bought by the Jewish settlers."