Arab MK Stamps on Lieberman’s Photo

MK Taleb A-Sana stamps on Foreign Minister’s photo in an angry demonstration over Lieberman’s call to oust Abbas.

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Avigdor Lieberman
Avigdor Lieberman
Israel news photo: Flash 90

MK Taleb A-Sana (Ra’am Ta’al) stamped on a picture of Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Tuesday, Channel 2 reported. The incident took place as Sana and others in his party demonstrated against Lieberman’s recent call to oust Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

Demonstrators carried signs saying, “Abu Mazen, we are on your side, we support you,” and “Lieberman go to hell.” They also waved pictures of Abbas and of the late PA Chairman – and arch-terrorist – Yasser Arafat.

“This demonstration outside the Israeli Foreign Ministry aims to tell Lieberman that he represents the mafia,” A-Sana said. “He is endangering peace in the region.”

“We came here to show our solidarity with Abu Mazen, in contrast to Lieberman’s claims of ‘diplomatic terrorism,’” he continued. “I say the real terrorism is the settlements and the occupation.”

Several days ago Lieberman sent a letter to the European Union chief of foreign policy arguing that Abbas “apparently is unwilling or unable… to reach an agreement which would bring an end to the conflict.” Lieberman pointed out that Abbas’ term in office ended more than two years ago, and expressed concern that Abbas “does not represent the general Palestinian interest.”

Abbas ridiculed the letter as unworthy of response, prompting Lieberman to hit back with charges that Abbas “is busy financing and glorifying terrorists.”