Tamar Yonah Show: 'Hizbullah Tried To Kill Me'

Hizbullah is literally getting away with murder as the European Union refuses to blacklist it as a terrorist group.

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Adina Emmett,

Bullet Ridden Car of Mostafa Geha
Bullet Ridden Car of Mostafa Geha
Israel news photo: Mostafa Geha

Hizbullah is literally getting away with murder as the European Union refuses to blacklist it as a terrorist group.

Listening to the dramatic first-hand account from assassination survivor Mostafa Geha, a Lebanese activist who was targeted recently by the Hizbullah terror organization, makes one scratch one's head as to why the European Union refuses to categorize Hizbullah as a terrorist organization.

Geha's own father, a leading Lebanese intellectual and author of numerous books, was assassinated by Hizbullah back in 1992 when he wrote a book against Hizbullah's ideology. Mostafa was 8 years old at the time of his father's murder.  

Hizbullah has a long list of terror attacks in its history.  Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu stated last month in a press conference that the recent bombing of an Israeli tour bus at the Black Sea Burgas airport in Bulgaria was carried out by the Hizbullah terror group, backed by Iran.  Five Israelis were killed in that attack.
A detailed list with the dates of several Hizbullah attacks was compiled by Mostafa Geha in an article entitled, The EU Does Not Consider Hizbullah a Terrorist Group, published on Arutz Sheva's  Op-Ed page. Geha has followed in his father's footsteps, becoming an activist and speaking out against the Hizbullah and its illegitimate grip on Lebanon.  Now, twenty years after his father was murdered, Geha himself became a target of the Hizbullah.   
Geha was speaking with Arutz Sheva's Tamar Yonah on her News & Views radio program. In this dramatic interview, he described to her the method the Hizbullah used to assassinate him - they tried to gun him down in the same manner his father was killed.

"The Hizbullah tried to kill me", Geha told Yonah. "I had political activities in Lebanon against Hizbullah and I was working to have a good future in Lebanon and I was also writing and speaking about how we can build a good relationship with our neighbors and how we can start good peace relations with Israel. On the 14th of last April, I was at a political meeting and when I was coming back -I finished this meeting- and was coming back to my home, another car came, and a gunman shot at my car five bullets. Till now I cannot I cannot understand how I survived, because these five bullets came very near, very close to me."

Geha was subsequently forced to flee to Sweden where he is presently seeking political asylum. He is continuing his activism from abroad, speaking out and writing articles on the need for the demise of the Hezbollah terrorist organization which has wrangled away the legitimate Lebanese government's power and has put itself, de facto, in its place. Geha is pro-Israel and has started the Facebook page, "Lebanon-Israel Peace Project" .

His courage and tenacity speaks for itself when during the radio interview Tamar Yonah asks him if he was traumatized by the assassination attempt and if he would still continue his activism despite the threat on his life.  He answered, "I have a lot to do for peace in this region. - I will never stop."

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