Olmert Being Considered for Olympic Head

Former PM Ehud Olmert is being considered to head the Israel Olympic Committee

David Lev,

Ehud Olmert
Ehud Olmert
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is being considered as the new head of the Israel Olympic Committee, a report in Maariv said Thursday. Olmert, who has a reputation as a “sports nut,” would replace current director Zvi Varshaviak.

Olmert accompanied the Israeli Olympic delegation to this year's summer games in London, and on the way, the report said, he was asked to offer himself as a candidate for the position by officials of the Maccabee sports organization, which manages soccer and basketball leagues.

Many people on the committee, the report said, were unhappy with Varshaviak's leadership of the committee, and already before the games there were calls for him to replaced. The calls mounted after what many considered to be Israel's poor results in the games.

In addition, Varshaviak is suspected of irregularities. With that, it must be noted that Olmert himself is not considered a paragon of virtue, considering his numerous court cases on charges of corruption.

On Wednesday, a report said that the State Prosecutor's Office was considering imposing a “mark of disgrace” on Olmert in the light of his recent conviction for breach of trust in the Investments Center scandal, in which Olmert promoted the interests of several individuals over the rest of the public.

If Olmert is tagged as having acted in disgrace, he will be barred from running for public office again.