Turkish Islamic Scholar Targeted for Hosting Jews

Turkish Islamic scholar Adnan Oktar is being targeted by Muslims in a campaign to discredit him as a Muslim, because he meets with Jews.

Hana Levi Julian,

Muslim anti-Semitic hatred against Adnan Okta
Muslim anti-Semitic hatred against Adnan Okta
courtesy of Harun Yahya organization

Turkish Islamic scholar Adnan Oktar is being attacked by fellow Muslims around the globe, and targeted in a campaign to discredit him as a Muslim, because he meets with Jews.

Oktar, who often meets with world-renowned rabbis and other Jewish leaders on his A9TV satellite television program, is accused of “betraying” Muslims with such encounters. “They call this something 'unforgivable,'” Oktar told Arutz Sheva. Numerous vicious images posted on the Internet have especially slammed the scholar for having met with delegations of Israeli scholars and rabbis.

Last week the scholar met with an Israeli delegation of officials and rabbis that had traveled to Ankara and Istanbul for talks with Turkish lawmakers and politicians, a trip Oktar helped arrange. "We get this all the time,” he told the delegation. “We ignore it. There are hundreds of these images on the Internet. They post them constantly. But we cannot let this affect what we do; our work is too important. We must bring the Moshiach, the Mahdi. Peace is the key.”

Among his many talk show guests have been former Israeli Chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau, IDF. Lt.-Col. (ret.) and Bar Ilan University lecturer Dr. Mordechai Kedar, Member of the nascent Sanhedrin Rabbi Yeshayahu Hollander, Israel Prize winner and leading national religious Rabbi Haim Druckman, and others.

The Muslim campaign to discredit Oktar as a Muslim in actuality closely resembles the anti-Semitic campaigns conducted against Jews.

Many of the images are photographs of the philosopher with Jewish symbols such as a Star of David, or a menorah, superimposed over his chest or face. Slogans are added, proclaiming that Oktar is a “fake” Muslim or Turk, or that he is a “secret Jew.” In some of the pieces, he is accused of being an agent for Israel's international intelligence agency, the Mossad, or that he is being paid by the State of Israel to speak in a pro-Israeli manner.

One of the most common ways for a Muslim to insult another Muslim, in the Islamic world, is to accuse him of being pro-Jewish, or pro-Israel. However, it is extremely rare to see an organized campaign conducted on such a massive scale – especially one so closely resembling anti-Semitic attacks against Jews.