Unknown Terror Group Claims it Fired Rockets on Eilat

Organization calling itself the "Salafi Sinai Front" claims responsibility for firing rockets at the city of Eilat on Wednesday evening.

Elad Benari,

Grad missile
Grad missile
Israel news photo: Flash 90

An unknown organization calling itself the "Salafi Sinai Front" issued a statement on Thursday morning in which it claimed responsibility for firing rockets at the city of Eilat on Wednesday evening.

The organization also claimed responsibility for the repeated attacks on the gas pipeline which carries natural gas from Egypt to Israel and Jordan. The pipeline was hit 15 times since the revolution which ousted former President Hosni Mubarak.

On Wednesday evening, two powerful explosions were heard in Eilat. The IDF began combing the area in search of remains of Grad missiles, but have yet to find any.

Eilat has been the target of missile attacks from Sinai in the recent past. Two months ago, the remains of a Grad missile were discovered a few dozen kilometers north of Eilat, near Uvda. They were apparently fired from Sinai or Jordan.

In April, the remains of a rocket were discovered by residents, about ten meters from residential buildings. No one was hurt.

The terror group also condemned the Egyptian military’s operation inside the Sinai Peninsula, which was launched after terrorists killed 16 Egyptian officers, telling the Egyptian army, “Do not separate between us and our target which is the Zionist enemy. Our weapons are not turned against you. The enemy saw this in Eilat and elsewhere.”