Arabs Demand Homes Meant for Migron Residents

PA Arabs ask the Supreme Court to give them temporary caravan homes that were allocated for residents of Migron.

Elad Benari,

Givat HaYekev
Givat HaYekev
Yishai Karov

Six Palestinian Authority Arabs from the village of Machmas, which is located near the community of Migron, have petitioned the Supreme Court, demanding that the government give them some of the caravan homes on a temporary housing site that has been allocated for residents of Migron.

After the Supreme Court ruled that homes in Migron would be demolished due to an Arab claim the sale of the land to Jews was invalid, an agreement was reached with the residents, according to which new homes will be built for them in a temporary housing site at Givat HaYekev in Kochav Yaakov.

According to a report in Haaretz on Wednesday, the petitioners are claiming that they are suffering from a severe housing shortage to which the government is not responding, and that the village no longer has land reserves for building. The report added that Judge Elyakim Rubinstein has ordered the State to respond to the petition within ten days.

Some of the residents of Migron recently attempted to circumvent the eviction ruling by purchasing much of the community’s land from the new Arabs now claiming ownership.

The Ministerial Committee for Settlement Affairs has decided that it would not oppose a recent petition filed to the Supreme Court by 17 families of Migron, who have asked that the planned demolition of their homes be canceled.

A few weeks ago, Supreme Court President Asher Grunis ruled that the planned demolition of homes in Migron will be postponed by at least 20 days.

Grunis gave the parties to the appeal additional time to respond to a suit brought by Arabs who claim ownership to some of the land on which the town of Migron is built. The parties have until August 19th to respond, and the expulsion of families from Migron will begin on August 21st at the earliest.

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