Arabs' Latest Crybaby Video: Arrest in Hevron

Videos show soldiers arresting an Arab troublemaker in Hevron; no unnecessary violence is seen.

Gil Ronen,

Buildings in Hevron
Buildings in Hevron
Israel news photo: Flash 90

The latest Arab-leftist propaganda videos from Judea and Samaria shows an Arab being arrested by soldiers in sport clothes, in Hevron's Tel Rumeida neighborhood. Leftist sites claimed that the videos embedded here show the soldiers kicking the Arab youth.

Arutz Sheva's examination of the videos shows no untoward action by the soldiers.

The video does not show the provocation that caused the soldiers to arrest the Arab. It does show the Arab pushing the soldier, an action that led to his swift arrest. Most of the soldiers in the video are wearing sports clothes for a physical exercise session. No real violence can be seen, other than the minimum necessary for carrying out the arrest and distancing the suspect from the other Arabs as quickly as possible. 

The IDF said that the video fails to show the entire incident. The Arab refused to identify himself during a routine identity check and began to confront an IDF force. This was not shown in the video, the IDF Spokesman's Unit said. Soldiers who happened to be at the location helped the force to carry out the arrest.

Under interrogation, the IDF said, it turned out the Arab had been wanted for questioning.

Many Arabs in Judea and Samaria are armed with video cameras courtesy of an Israeli leftist group, B'tselem. They regularly provoke IDF soldiers in the hope of eliciting a violent response. The videos are then edited to show only the IDF response, and not the Arab provocation. 

Leftist-infiltrated Israeli press outlets cooperate fully with this propaganda mechanism, and in some cases play the IDF violence in loops, over and over again, to create a much larger effect than would otherwise have existed. The most notable such case in the last year involved Lt. Col. (res.) Shalom Eisner, who was removed from his post of deputy commander of the Jordan Valley Brigade after he hit some anarchists who provoked him and his soldiers, and had come close to blocking a major highway.