Video: Anti-Assad Christians Break into Stockholm Embassy

Swedish police arrested 10 people after anti-Assad Christians broke into the Syrian embassy and raised the slogan, “All Syrians are One.”<br/>

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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu,

Picture of Assad on floor in S\protest at emb
Picture of Assad on floor in S\protest at emb
Israel news photo courtesy of Syriac movement

Swedish police arrested 10 people Tuesday after anti-Assad Christians broke into the Syrian embassy and raised the slogan, “All Syrians Are One.”

"We want to send a message to the world. We want to work to overthrow the Assad regime,” said a spokesperson for the group, which reportedly belongs to a small Christian party in Syria called the Syriac Union Party.

Demonstrators chanted, “We want democracy in Syria” and “act Sweden.”

The activists fled quickly because “this regime can take our pictures, take down our names and persecute our families in Syria,” the spokesman for the Syriac Union Party told Aftonbladet.

“We share our Syrian brothers their claim for freedom, democracy and change toward Syria civil and democratic republic in which its people enjoy equal rights and duties,” the leader of the protest wrote Arutz Sheva from Stockholm. He asked that he be called "George" and that his real name be kept anonymous because of fears of reprisal.

"George" said he fled Syria five years ago because he was against the Assad regime even then, long before last year's Arab Spring demonstrations that swelled into a full-fledged civil war.

“We were from the pioneers of the union party in the Syrian Syriac who rebels against injustice and crime [sic],” wrote the activist, who also sent the video shown above. 

“This regime is trying to give an image about this revolution as terrorist movements and as a civil war. This regime is claims that he is defending Syrian Christians… and from whom? From their partners in the homeland and its purpose was and is still creating a rift between the components of the Syrian people and feeding sectarian which contradicts with Syrian civilization and its people,” he continued.

“The regime claims to protect Christians... while its criminal militia beats the holy places of Christianity and does not respect its privacy .The regime deprived syriacs [sic] from their civil rights and abandoned them from their land. The regime wants to protect the Christians? While its troops hit the Syriac churches in Homs, Aleppo and a private church or girdle, which occupies the status of historical and symbolic significance of the Syriac people.

“That regime works to protect the Christians! These repressive bloody massacres of our people will not be forgiven. We as Syrian Christians we condemn Bashar’s terrorist attack against our people after we made sure that the regime has converted it’s embassy in Stockholm into an office to Assad intelligence to collect all information about anti-Syrians regime and to torture them with their families.

“We decided to protest peacefully and in civilized manner towards the Embassy of the oppressive regime. We wanted our voice and our message to be reached to all nations and for our people in general and Christian Syriac especially our churches and clergy who have not yet engaged in the ranks of the revolution against the Syrian regime of oppression and crime.”

Swedish police said no one was injured in the protest and break-in, but that property had been vandalized.