PA Incitement Index Climbs despite Oslo Accords

PA incitement against Israel has climbed dramatically and is a reminder to the world whom “we are dealing with," says Netanyahu

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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu,

Fayyad with picture of Arafat
Fayyad with picture of Arafat
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Palestinian Authority incitement against Israel has climbed dramatically and serves as a reminder to the world who "we are dealing with,” Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told the Cabinet Sunday.

Strategic Affairs Minister Moshe Ya’alon said that the “incitement index” against Israel has been rising for several months.

The Palestinian Authority is committed by the Oslo Accords to cease all hate messages against Jews and Israel, but textbooks and government media have increasingly portrayed Israel as evil, while maps show that the entire land of Israel is “Palestine.”

Responding to Ya’alon’s report, the Prime Minister said that the index is a “constant reminder where we live.”

“We usually wait for a crisis before remembering what is going on around us,” he added. “The index sheds light on the situation and helps us to prevent ourselves from making mistakes of misunderstanding with whom we are dealing and who is behind the incitement.”

The Palestinian Authority has defined Jews as cruel people who poison wells and lay the groundwork for brutality, he added.

“We must bring this to the attention of the international community and to the upcoming session of the United Nations," the Prime Minister said,

He also told the Cabinet that, “The Palestinian leadership is bequeathing this incitement to the coming generations and is preventing them from holding a dialogue of peace, the result of which is that it itself is incapable of adopting a dialogue of peace.”