‘Sinai Abandoned to Terror’

Former Israeli foreign minister meets UN Chief, warns that Sinai terror ‘isn’t just Israel’s problem.’<br/>

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Maayana Miskin,

IDF patrols near Sinai border
IDF patrols near Sinai border
Arutz Sheva photo: Flash 90

Tzipi Livni resigned from Knesset, but that is not stopping her from getting involved in Israeli diplomacy. The former Foreign Minister met Wednesday with United Nations chief Ban Ki-Moon to discuss a variety of Middle East issues.

Livni told Ban that the Sinai Peninsula has been “abandoned” and has become “a terrorist enclave.” The recent attack on Egyptian soldiers in the area proves what Israel has said for years, she said: That Sinai terrorism is not just an Israeli problem, but an Egyptian problem as well.

She urged the international community to give its support to efforts to fight the terror in Sinai.  The greater the security response to Sinai terror, the better, she said, “and the international community would do well to assist every effort” to fight terrorism in the region.

Livni and Ban also discussed other Middle East issues, including the bloody fighting in Syria, where President Bashar Assad is battling rebel groups aiming to oust him from power. “Assad is slaughtering his people,” Livni declared. “The world cannot remain silent.”

The United Nations has not taken serious action on Syria due to dissent within the Security Council. Council members Russia and China have repeatedly vetoed resolutions threatening Assad with sanctions. Russian leaders have accused the West of placing undue responsibility for the conflict on Assad, and failing to make demands of rebels as well.