Swastika Flag Waved During Televised Euro Match Prompts Arrests

Police arrested a man who waved a Nazi Swastika flag as he watched the Euro 2012 soccer game between Spain and Italy from TV screen in Rome.

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Euro 2012 soccer fans
Euro 2012 soccer fans

Police arrested a man who waved a Nazi Swastika flag as thousands of soccer fans watched the highly anticipated game between Spain and Italy in the Euro 2012 final on giant television screens in central Rome on Sunday, AKI reported.

Police arrested 23-year-old Enrico Zaccardi after security cameras captured him singing fascist songs praising Italy's wartime leader Benito Mussolini and displaying the Swastika banner.

Police also arrested 19-year-old Ivan Simoncioni, who was filmed with Zaccardi during his far-right antics at Rome's Circo Massimo ancient chariot-racing track monument on Sunday, according to the news agency.

Security cameras filmed Simoncioni and Zaccardi throwing objects, bottles and fireworks at the giant TV screens Italy suffered a crushing 4-0 defeat by Spain in the Ukrainian city of Kiev.

Italy's largest centre-left party, the Democratic Party has asked Rome's conservative mayor, Gianni Alemmano, to condemn Zaccardi's actions.

Police said they uncovered fascist propaganda in Zaccardi’s home including, a truncheon with Mussolini's face on it, another Nazi Swastika flag and unspecified "objects aimed at causing offence".

Zaccardi was reported to police in 2008 after he was among a group of skinheads that marched down Rome's central via del Corso shopping street wearing clothing emblazoned with swastikas and far-right slogans.

Simoncioni has prior convictions for receiving stolen goods and is known to police as an AS-Roma militant, noted AKI