MK Danon: Legal Advisers Rule Here

MK Danny Danon: The legal advisers are interfering with elected officials' work. We need to put an end to this.

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Elad Benari & Yoni Kempinski,

MK Danny Danon
MK Danny Danon
Flash 90

MK Danny Danon (Likud) called on Monday to put an end to what he termed “the rule of legal advisers” in Israel. Speaking at a gathering of deputy mayors, he explained that legal advisers try to promote their own personal agendas and interfere as elected officials try to run the country.

Danon brought as an example the issue of the Ulpana neighborhood in Beit El, explaining how Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spent countless hours trying to find a solution to prevent the demolitions. He finally found an agreed upon solution which even received approval by the State Attorney’s Office.

“The Prime Minister comes to a discussion in his office, after reaching an agreement on the Ulpana neighborhood, and the State Attorney’s Office people come and tell him, ‘Mr. Prime Minister, we’ve changed our minds. What we said last week cannot be done.’ And then the Prime Minister has to fight to have the agreement he presented accepted by legal experts,” said Danon.

He added, “This happened in the State of Israel just last week, and it happens in your local councils.”

“Today, the person who makes the ultimate decision is that same legal adviser who expresses his personal opinion, and he matches his legal opinion to what he wants to happen,” said Danon. “These things are infuriating.”

Speaking to Arutz Sheva after his remarks, Danon said, “We, the elected officials in the municipalities, in the Knesset and even in the government have found ourselves in a situation where we cannot decide and we cannot lead.”

“I say to those legal advisers: If you have an agenda, you can run for office, but you cannot dictate to the elected officials where to go and what to do. We’ll work according to the law, but we’ll have to lead and not to follow legal advisors,” concluded Danon.