MK: Nothing Can Stop Ariel University

MK Danny Danon says Ariel will receive university status, tells existing universities to stay out of politics.

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Gil Ronen,

Ariel University Center
Ariel University Center

MK Danny Danon (Likud) said Sunday the university presidents who don't want Ariel University Center to receive full university status are wrong to dabble in politics.

"They seem to be confused," Danon said. "They seem to think they are in the Knesset or in politics. I suggest that they take a lesson in civics. It is unthinkable that a university president will say he refuses to accept decisions made by the sovereign element in the state of Israel."

"If the court decision regarding the Ulpana Neighborhood was okay, why isn't this okay? With all due respect and appreciation, they are welcome to resign," Danon said. "They will not dictate to us where a university will be. This is outrageous."

Politics do not belong in academic discourse, Danon said. "It seems that they do not want Jews in Ariel, but we will not let up until Ariel has a university," he vowed. "All of the conditions for turning the Ariel University Center into a university have been fulfilled. Nothing can stop this anymore."

Ariel mayor Ron Nachman has also said that the university presidents' opposition to university status for Ariel is political and not connected to finances, as they claim.