New Arab Crime Stunt Reported: Staged Accidents

Arab gang in Jerusalem tricks Jews: motorcyclist fakes accident, he and others blame Jewish driver.

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Gil Ronen,

Maj. Gen. Niso Shacham
Maj. Gen. Niso Shacham

A Jerusalem Arab gang appears to have come up with a new way of making money: staging accidents with Jews, then suing.

Reports reaching Arutz Sheva point to a new modus operandi by Arab criminals in Jerusalem. "An Arab [on a motorcycle] draws close to a vehicle driven by a Jew," explained a Jerusalemite, "and after overtaking the vehicle, the motorcyclist… throws himself onto the road and claims that the Jewish driver hit him."

"The motorcyclist is not satisfied with merely staging the accident," the resident said, but "shows up with several more friends who drive in a car adjacent to the incident. After staging the accident they serve as 'witnesses' to the accident."

The Jerusalem Police, under Maj. Gen. Niso Shacham, said in response "We are not aware of any events of this type within the Jerusalem District. No complaints on these matters have been received."