Grad Missiles Shot Down by Iron Dome

Gaza terrorists launched more attacks on Israel on Saturday night, firing five Grad rockets at Ashkelon. Iron Dome shot them down.

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Maayana Miskin,

Rocket damage in Sderot
Rocket damage in Sderot
Flash 90

Gaza terrorists fired five Grad missiles at the city of Ashkelon on Saturday night. The missiles were taken out by the Iron Dome defense system.

A sixth projectile, a short-range “Kassam” rocket, hit the Eshkol region in the western Negev. No injuries were reported in the attack.

The attacks were the latest in a long string of terror incidents on Saturday.

On Saturday morning a man was moderately wounded in a rocket attack. Later in the day Gaza terrorists hit a school in Sderot, causing damage.

The Sderot municipality has announced that classes will be held as usual on Sunday despite the attack. Schools in the city are specially reinforced against rockets, a measure deemed necessary and done with great expense by the government after years of bombardment from Gaza.