Efrat Reunion in Officers’ Training Course

Three young men from one Judea town complete grueling officers’ course. ‘There are a lot of officers in Efrat,’ they say.

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Maayana Miskin,

Efrat soldiers graduate officers' course
Efrat soldiers graduate officers' course
IDF Spokesperson's Unit

Among the dozens of young soldiers who completed a grueling officers’ training course this week were three young men from the same town in the Judea region. Eliel Blum, Oriyah Be’eri and Maor Turner spoke to Arutz Sheva minutes before a ceremony honoring the new officers.

The three said the discovery of other officers-in-training from their hometown was not a surprise. “Besides the three of us, there’s a very big group of soldiers and officers [in Efrat],” they explained.

Youth from Judea and Samaria are considerably more likely to enlist in the IDF, and to go into combat, than those from elsewhere in Israel.

Following the course, Eliel and Oriyah will be working with new recruits in the Paratroopers’ Battalion 202. Maor will continue to advanced training in the Golani brigade’s Battalion 50.

The three said they have not yet decided whether or not to become career officers. “There’s still time,” they said.