TV Ad: On Iran, Talking Isn't Working, It's Time to Act

"President Obama has spent four years talking and Iran has spent four years building," says ad released by Emergency Committee for Israel.

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Rachel Hirshfeld,

Netanyahu and Obama, 04.03.12
Netanyahu and Obama, 04.03.12

In advance of Monday's talks in Moscow between Iran and the group of six world powers, the Emergency Committee for Israel (ECI) released an ad pressuring President Obama to take action with regard to the regime's nuclear aspirations and confrontational policies. 

"President Obama has spent four years talking," the voiceover in the ad states, "and Iran has spent four years building ... a secret nuclear site, nuclear fuel near weapons level, long-range missiles. Obama is still talking. And Iran has enough fuel for five nuclear bombs."

"Talking isn't working. It's time to act before it's too late," the ad declares.

ECI executive director Noah Pollak released the following statement: "President Obama says we must prevent the Iranian regime from getting nuclear weapons. Yet talking isn't accomplishing this goal. Today, Iran has six times more enriched uranium than when President Obama came into office — enough for five nuclear bombs. We fear that the Obama administration is now intent on kicking the can down the road past the election. The Emergency Committee urges the president to live up to his promise to stop Iran. Don't delay. Don't ask others to do our job for us. It's time to act."

The ad will hit television airwaves "in New York and Washington DC beginning today, on Sunday political shows, and during weekend sporting events, with additional markets to follow next week, according to the group," BuzzFeed reported.

In March, the ECI released a similar 30-minute video entitled, “Daylight: The Story of Obama and Israel,” blasting the President’s commitment to the Jewish state.

The video reinforces the belief that Obama has “done more to de-legitimize and undermine Israel’s position in the world than any other president” and forces viewers to carefully consider which candidate they support in the upcoming presidential elections.

The Emergency Committee for Israel “is committed to mounting an active defense of the US-Israel relationship by educating the public about the positions of political candidates on this important issue, and by keeping the public informed of the latest developments in both countries,” reads a statement on the organization’s website.