Peace Now to Govt: Pass Regulation Bill and We’ll Sue

If the government passes the Regulation Bill, Peace Now plans to go to the Supreme Court to get it overturned.

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Maayana Miskin,

Peace Now
Peace Now
Israel news photo: Flash 90

The left-wing Peace Now organization warned Sunday that passing the Regulation Bill will not stop widespread demolition in Judea and Samaria. If the Knesset passes the bill, said Peace Now head Yariv Oppenheimer, Peace Now will take the matter to the Supreme Court and get the new law overturned.

“The law is unconstitutional,” Oppenheimer declared. “The law allows theft, as long as the perpetrators are settlers and the victims are Palestinians.”

If put into effect, the law would affect Palestinian Authority Arabs “who are not citizens of Israel and do not have the right to vote,” he continued. “The result would be the Knesset’s rule over another people and the legislation of laws affecting people who cannot be part of the democratic process.”

The Regulation Law would stop the widespread use of home demolition to deal with Palestinian Authority claims to ownership of land within Israeli towns in Judea and Samaria. Instead of demolition, the law would provide those who can prove ownership with financial compensation.

The law would apply to Area C – parts of Judea and Samaria under full Israeli control.

Proponents of the bill say it would prevent groups like Peace Now from using PA Arabs as a tool to destroy Israeli homes. The PA claims to land ownership are often unproven or largely fictional, and in any case serve no practical purpose, they argue.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Sunday that he currently opposes the bill due to concerns over the legal ramifications and the possible response from the international community.