Woman Who Accosted Sarah Netanyahu Released

As Prime Minister's wife toured shopping mall, a woman began cursing her and was arrested. No one was hurt.

Gil Ronen,

Sarah Netanyahu
Sarah Netanyahu
Israel news photo: Flash 90

A Petach Tikva woman was arrested Thursday after she acciosted the Prime Minister's wife, Sarah Netanyahu, as she visited the Ovnat shopping mall in Petach Tikva. The woman cursed Mrs. Netanyahu and initial reports from the scene said that she flung a shoe in her direction.

Police released the woman by the evening and said that she had not, after all, flung a shoe at Mrs. Netanyahu or spat at her. While the woman herself claimed in her interrogation that she did spit at Netanyahu, other witnesses recalled no such event.

Netanyahu was not physically hurt and her bodyguards seized the attacker and detained her until police arrived on the scene. The woman was taken to the Petach Tikva police station for interrogation.

Netanyahu continued with her visit to the shopping center after the incident.

An officer in the police's Central District told the NRG website that the woman seems to be mentally deranged.