MK Meets with Mass-Murderer on PA Demands

MK Ahmed Tibi meets with terrorist killer Marwan Barghouti to plan demands from Israel, help to PA.

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Maayana Miskin,

MK Tibi in Ramallah
MK Tibi in Ramallah
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Member of Knesset Ahmed Tibi met Thursday with terrorist murderers Marwan Barghouti and Kareem Younis, a statement from Tibi’s office said. The three discussed ways of ensuring that Israel abides by Palestinian Authority demands regarding terrorist prisoners.

In addition, they discussed the growing number of Jews living in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem and how to stop the growth.

Barghouti, who is serving a life sentence for multiple murders, said that he will help track Israel’s fulfillment of an agreement with the PA over prisoners’ benefits. Israel agreed to allow more family visits for imprisoned terrorists following a PA prisoners’ hunger strike.

Younis, who is in prison for murdering an IDF soldier, urged further action in order to obtain more benefits for prisoners, including visits from more distant relatives.

The three also discussed the issue of higher education for PA prisoners. Barghouti stressed the importance in his eyes of PA prisoners continuing to learn while in jail. Barghouti himself completed his high school education while in jail.

Tibi has previously expressed sympathy to PA terrorists' cause.

Barghouti recently called on the PA to fully boycott Israel and to “oppose the occupation in all means.” He said that “resistance” – a word frequently used to mean “terrorism” – should center in Judea and Samaria.

Following his meeting with the terrorist leader, Tibi plans to meet with President Shimon Peres to discuss PA prisoners in Israel.