A First for Argentina: Temporary Jewish President

For the first time in its history, Argentina had a temporary Jewish president, as Beatriz Rojkes de Alperovich was in charge.

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Elad Benari,

Cristina Fernandez
Cristina Fernandez

For the first time in its history, Argentina had a Jewish president this week, according to a report in the European Jewish Press (EJP).

Beatriz Rojkes de Alperovich, who is the provisional president of the Senate, was in charge while both President Christina Fernandez and Vice-President Amado Boudou were travelling overseas, the report said.

On Wednesday, Fernandez left for a two day trip to Angola, while Boudou on Tuesday traveled to Switzerland to accept a prize for Argentina at the International Telecommunication Union.

Beatriz Rojkes is married to Jose Alperovich, governor of Tucuman, who was the first Jewish person in Argentina to be elected a governor and to be sworn in on a Jewish Bible.

She was elected to the Senate in 2009, EJP noted, and two years later she became provisional president of the Senate and the first Jewish member of the Parliament.