Times CBS Poll Shocks Dems
Poll: Obama's Backing Gay "Marriage" Hurts Him.

The CBS-New York Times Poll makes unpleasant reading for Team Obama.

Amiel Ungar,

The interview
The interview

The talk of the day in political circles in the United States was the New York Times CBS poll. The poll showed that President Barack Obama's statement in support of gay marriage may have cost him doubly with the public.

The poll confirmed the Gallup findings that among those affected by the statement there were more whom it affected negatively, making them less likely to support Obama in November.

What the Obama campaign team should find even more disturbing is that 67% of those polled believe that Obama delivered his statement due to political considerations rather than out of moral conviction.

One of the pluses that Obama had going for him was that even when people disagreed with him, they still found him likable and a cut above the average politician. This rejection of the president's sincerity is a bad sign for him.

Another sign in the wind is the weakening of the routinized halo effect. To appropriate Max Weber, in 2008 Obama was genuinely charismatic to the American voter. Now, that charisma has attenuated and Obama's allies in the press are trying to provide a routinized charisma by heaping constant praise on him to substitute for the genuine article.

The Newsweek article by Andrew Sullivan (an Israel basher), lauding Obama as America's first gay president, was graphically portrayed by the cover, featuring Obama with a gay rainbow halo floating above his head.

Other outlets didn't go that far, but sought to play up Obama's declaration in the same way. The results of these efforts can be seen in the bottom line of 67%- 33%. By the way, towards the end of the poll, it was learned that Romney is leading Obama overall, has managed to erase the so-called gender gap and now leads Obama among women as well.

The poll was only a skirmish and there will be plenty of ups and downs before November. The Romney campaign, however, can take heart. They are not confronting a superhuman opponent or an invincible campaign team. Secondly, Obama's support in the press corps will not decide the contest, as voters are adopting a more skeptical approach to the press.