Drawing 'Proving Iranian Nuke Program' Revealed

Associated Press obtains image rendering a structure in Parchin site that serves for nuclear tests.

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Gil Ronen,

Iranian nuclear facility
Iranian nuclear facility

The Associated Press has obtained and published a graphic rendering of a pressure structure that may prove Iran is developing a nuclear weapon. The drawing is believed to have come from inside the Parchin military site near Tehran. It shows a cylindrical explosives containment chamber of the type needed for nuclear arms-related tests.

"Iran denies such testing and has neither confirmed nor denied the existence of such a chamber," AP said.

The news agency received the image from "an official of a country tracking Iran's nuclear program who said the drawing proves the structure exists, despite Tehran's refusal to acknowledge it."

Olli Heinonen, who served until recently as the deputy director general in charge of the Iran file at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), said the image was "very similar" to a photo he recently saw that he believes is of the pressure chamber at Parchin.