Another Samaria Town Faces Lawsuit Trouble

Samaria town faces trouble over PA Arab claims; Supreme Court criticizes government over appeal for time to clarify the issue.

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Maayana Miskin,

Construction in Samaria
Construction in Samaria
Arutz Sheva: Flash 90

The Israeli town of Alei Zahav in Samaria is facing legal trouble as a Palestinian Authority Arab woman claims part of a local road was built on her land. The case was heard Sunday in the Supreme Court.

Justices criticized state representatives over their request for more time. The state said it would take at least a year to reach conclusions in the matter.

In an earlier hearing, justices said, state representatives had informed them that no private PA land was to be used in the creation of the road. The state’s current position is significantly different, they said.

In their verdict, the justices gave the state 125 days to explain why privately owned land was used in the project.

They also ruled that the state must compensate any PA Arab who can prove ownership over land being used during the construction process, even if it is not being used for the road itself.