‘Sane’ Lapid Campaigns with US Conservative Rabbis

Journalist-turned politician Yair Lapid declared to US Conservative Jews that he is the only sane leader in the Knesset.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu,

Yair Lapid
Yair Lapid
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Journalist-turned politician Yair Lapid declared to U.S. Conservative Jewish leaders that he is the only sane leader in the Knesset.

Speaking to an Atlanta convention of rabbis from the Conservative stream of Judaism, Lapid stated, “We are going to campaign in order to unite all sane persons within the country.”

He went on to claim that his new party, which never has faced an electoral test and is projected to win no more than 10 seats in the next election, is the “sole representative of the majority of the people of Israel that belongs to the same middle class.”

He ridiculed Kadima for joining the Netanyahu government. “Kadima has come back to what it actually always was, part of the Likud.  I congratulate them for this re-reunification.”

Lapid found a welcome audience for his views against traditional Judaism and flew the banner of “equality” by arguing for accepting non-Orthodox conversions. He also implied, incorrectly, that women have no right to pray at the Western Wall -- where both men and women can pray on either side of a curtain that divides them as a matter of modesty that is practiced in all Orthodox circles around the world.

Often criticized by fellow journalists as a demagogue, Lapid alleged, “Israel cannot be the only country in the Western world that has no freedom of religion to choose.”