Israel Basher 'Secures Big Cash for Obama Campaign'

Self-described “Muslim Palestinian” with long history of anti-Israel sentiments reportedly raising funds for Obama.

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Rachel Hirshfeld,

President Obama
President Obama

A self-identified “Muslim Palestinian-American,” who has an extensive history of espousing unabashed anti-Israel rhetoric, has secured hundreds of thousands of dollars for President Obama’s re-election campaign, according to The Washington Free Beacon.

Hala Hijazi, a Jordanian native and current San Francisco city employee, has personally obtained between $100,000 to $200,000 for Obama’s reelection effort, according to Federal Election Committee filings.

She also has gone on record accusing Israel of war crimes while castigating America for providing the Jewish state critical military aid, reported the Beacon's Adam Kredo.

Hijazi's public writings on Israel reveal a deep-rooted hostility towards the Jewish state.

“As Americans we cannot allow the humanitarian crisis in Gaza to continue,” Hijazi wrote in a 2009 letter to the New York Times as rockets rained down on Israel from Gaza, provoking Israel to respond in self-defense. “The death of children and mothers and the Gaza blockade lack any moral justification and humanity.”

Hijazi went on to lament the U.S.-Israel military alliance and accuse Israel of destroying Muslim holy places.

“As God-fearing Americans, we cannot sit still and continue being silent when our taxpayer dollars are financing a war that is causing the death of innocent civilians and is destroying places of worship and education,” said Hijazi, who identified herself as “a Muslim Palestinian-American.”

In a 2001 San Francisco Chronicle article, Hijazi alleged that Israel deliberately kills "Palestinian" children.

One GOP operative blasted team Obama’s fundraising team for what he described as its shameless associations with a cast of unsavory characters—among them Hijazi and a Persian-Jewish donor who stands accused of running a multi-million dollar Ponzi scheme, Kredo reported.

“This has the potential to make the Obama Super-PAC completely toxic to voters—not just Jews and supporters of Israel, but your everyday swing voter that has no warm and fuzzy feelings about radical Islamists and terrorism,” said the senior GOP communications aide, who closely tracks campaign donations. “Every time you see an Obama Super-PAC ad, you’ll have to think of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Americans blown up in Jerusalem pizza parlors.”

The aide recommended that Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod “disavow this woman as soon as possible.”

“She’s clearly part of the machine,” said Stephen Schwartz, an author and former San Francisco Chronicle reporter. “It’s the radical left and she’s at the heart of it.”

Hijazi’s status in the Obama campaign “is definitely a reflection of the support that the San Francisco machine gives to the national leadership group in the Democratic Party,” Schwartz added.