Video: Obama Jests at Romney’s Dog in Press Corps Bash

Obama acted as comedian at the annual White House press bash, poking fun at Romney’s dog and enjoying his own jokes.

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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu,

Obama shakes hands with comedian Jimmy Kimmel
Obama shakes hands with comedian Jimmy Kimmel

President Barack Obama put in a stint as comedian at the annual White House Correspondents Association annual dinner last weekend, poking fun at Mitt Romney’s dog and enjoying his own jokes.

Decked out in a black bow tie and showing his toothsome smile during his speech, President Obama clearly enjoyed himself with an introduction that his mother was born in Kansas, his father in Kenya and himself in Hawaii. He made a facial gesture reflecting doubting Americans who claim he is violating the Constitution that requires the president to be a native American.

After saying he would not “attack any of the Republican candidates,” he showed a fake video ad that showed apparent Republican party nominee Mitt defending himself against criticism for placing his the family dog on the top of a car during trip.

The video then showed Obama’s family dog supposedly captive by "European style dog socialism."  

He said he and Romney have a lot in common and that “we both have degrees from Harvard. I have one, He has two.” Waiting for a second, the president added, “What a snob.”

Grabbing more laughs than most comedians, President Obama didn’t forget Congress.

"Congress and I have certainly had our differences,” he said with a serious face. “Yet, I've tried to be civil, to not take any cheap shots and that's why I want to especially thank all the members who took a break from their exhausting schedule of not passing any laws to be here tonight. Let's give them a big round of applause."

He concluded with a jab at the Secret Service, whose staffers recently were caught with prostitutes during a presidential visit to Colombia. "I had a lot more material prepared, but I have to get the Secret Service home in time for their new curfew,” he quipped.

After President Obama’s occasionally hilarious stand-up, TV comedian Jimmy Kimmel took the stage and joked, "Who'll it be this year? You know there's a term for guys like President Obama, um, probably not two terms."