Romney Extends Condolences to Netanyahu Family

Romney called the passing of Ben-Zion Netanyahu "a loss for all of Israel and for all who care about Israel."

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Rachel Hirshfeld,

PM Netanyahu Mourns
PM Netanyahu Mourns
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Mitt Romney extended his condolences to the Israeli Prime Minister following the death of his father, Ben-Zion Netanyahu.

“Not only was he the father of my friend Benjamin, the Prime Minister of Israel, and the father of Israel’s hero of the Entebbe raid, Yonatan Netanyahu, he was also a distinguished historian and leader in his own right,” Romney said.

He called Ben-Zion’s passing “a loss for all of Israel and for all who care about Israel.”

An article published in The New York Times on April 7, first revealed the long friendship between the two leaders, which dates back to the 1970s when they were both working for the Boston Consulting Group.

“We can almost speak in shorthand,” Mr. Romney said in an interview. “We share common experiences and have a perspective and underpinning which is similar.”

“The ties between Mr. Romney and Mr. Netanyahu stand out because there is little precedent for two politicians of their stature to have such a history together that predates their entry into government,” the article in The Times revealed. “And that history could well influence decision-making at a time when the United States may face crucial questions about whether to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities or support Israel in such an action.”

Romney has frequently criticized President Obama's policies regarding the Middle East, saying the Democrats have "thrown Israel under the bus."