Former Netanyahu Chief of Staff: 'PM Reports to U.S.'

Naftali Bennett says "Netanyahu doesn't have the courage to place Efrat under Israeli sovereignty."

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Gil Ronen,

Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Naftali Bennett, former Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, faced off Monday against senior Peace Now activist Hagit Ofran as part of the second Security and Society Conference in Efrat.

The panelists were asked for their opinions regarding Israel's current borders. Ofran said that since the State of Israel is not interested in an Arab majority within its borders, and it must cede sovereignty over Judea and Samaria.

In response, Bennett said that Israel has already been "burned" by the idea of evacuating land and has discovered that from every community the state abandoned, rockets are now fired against Israeli citizens.

Bennett said, "The State of Israel must apply full Israeli sovereignty on the community of Efrat. Netanyahu does not have enough courage to place Efrat under Israeli sovereignty and Israeli jurisdiction. Netanyahu reports to the U.S. and that is why he will not place Areas C under Israeli sovereignty."

Bennett was also head of the Yesha Council and currently heads grassroots group My Israel.

Ofran said later in the discussion that "The way to preserve Israel properly and peacefully is only if we separate the two countries. Zionism is less relevant. My aspiration is to become unemployed, by virtue of the fact that there will be no more settlements."

The panel was followed by discussions with high school students, hosted by representatives of Gesher, which promotes dialogue within Israeli society.