Combat Fighter Sings About Battle Trauma

Former combat soldier, Israeli singer, Idan Amedi preformed at the Zochrim memorial ceremony with his song about soldiers' pain and trauma.

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Elad Benari,

Idan Amedi
Idan Amedi
Jerusalem Municipality

One of the singers who performed at the Zochrim memorial ceremony on Israel's Remembarance Day was Idan Amedi, who performed his song “Fighters’ Pain”. Amedi, who served as a fighter in the Engineering Corps, wrote the song about the pain and trauma that soldiers sometimes go through during their military service. He performed the song when he competed on the Israeli television show “A Star is Born” (Israeli version of "American Idol") and later released the song as a single.

Fighters’ Pain

First night alone,
I sit and write you a letter
About everything that happened
what exactly happened

Letters appear on the wall
‘I am fear, nice to meet you’
The characters like to play
They move here in the empty house

And you do not know how much
I tried to hide from you
The nightmares
The screams and blood on the uniform
You do not understand that
I am no longer me
The pictures from that night are running
The tears, the pain of the warriors

It’s the first night you're there,
I lie there thinking, I do not fall asleep
The silence is slowly playing
I dedicate to you a song with no name
A song with no name.