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      Yom HaAtzmaut 2012: Events

      The Day of Remembrance for slain IDF soldiers will be followed by Independence Day. A list of events for those who wish to celebrate.
      By Arutz Sheva
      First Publish: 4/24/2012, 8:47 AM

      Jerusalem Day fireworks
      Jerusalem Day fireworks
      Flash 90

      The Day of Remembrance for slain IDF soldiers will begin Tuesday evening and be followed by Israel's 64th Independence Day.  This list of events was compiled by Anglo-List.Com. These are not Torah-oriented events. 

      Tel Aviv

      Main Event, Rabin Square, 9:00 p.m. - "Only in Israel” with the participation of military bands. Clips from different periods in Israel's history will be screened on giant screens and fireworks will paint the sky. With: Momi Levy, Miri Aloni, Shula Chen, and dozens of dancers, Tel Aviv youth and more. The evening will close with a performance by "Quartet" - with Shem Tov Levy, Alon Olearchik, Shlomo Yidov and Efraim Shamir.

      Atzmadoodes – Children's Independence Day events at the  Performing Arts Center at 8:30 p.m.  –  Roni Superstar, Tel Aviv Youth Band, the entertainment show" Katzefet VeToot ,"  fire dances, juggling clowns, aerial acrobatics performances and fireworks.

      Folk Dancing – Plaza Performing Arts Center, 11:00 p.m – dancing into the night with the best; Sarah Aviv and Gadi Biton combining instrumental and vocal performance and Tel Aviv University Dance troupe.

      Park Davidoff, Jaffa, 8:30 p.m. – Michelle Cohen Music School program, Alon de Loco with the  LoCo Land show accompanied by musicians and  dancers, Woody G, Yaron Ramati, local bands and more.


      Moriah Blvd: Din Din Aviv, Carolina, Erez Lev Ari, Rami Kleinstein, Rita & Ethnix

      Kiryat Sprinzak: Michal Tzafir, Shlomi Shabat, Idan Yaniv

      Kiryat Shmuel: Kobi Machat, Meir Banai, Yishai Lapidot and the “Of Simchas” band

      Central Carmel: Rami Kleinstein, Shiri Maimon and Shimon Buskila

      Neve Shaanan: Michal Tzafir, Rami Kleinstein, Shlomi Shabat, Mooki

      Kiryat Haim: Shiri Maimon, Shimon Buskila, Ethnix, Josh, Mooki and Eyal Golan

      Kiryat Eliezer:  Russian artists and folk music


      Main Stage (Kikar Hahatulot).

      The Even Yerushalmit band, Adir Getz, Yaniv Barmeli and Itay Moyal, Subliminal and Momi Levi, Yossi Azulai, Keren Peles. Hosted by Elad Amedi.

      Stage at the Hillel Pedestrian Street – Street Party for the Young.

      In collaboration with the Students Associations, young in the center:

      DJ Ron Izraeli – Hebrew party

      DJ Idan Ben Hamo – Funk party

      DJ Stato – House anthems 2012

      Main performance: Adir Getz

      Independence Day opposite the walls at the Alrov Mamilla Avenue:

      For students and youngsters – entrance with payment | At 22:00

      DJ Itzik Dadia

      DJ Shachar Ud

      Tickets can be purchased at the Students Association and at Telephone: 073-7073617

      Hamashbir Stage for the Religious Zionist Public:

      Ezra Movement, Bnei Akiva and more

      The Ruach Zfonit band in an exhilarating dancing event

      Aaron Razel

      The Pirchei Yerushalayim Band

      DJ Hanania Ohana

      Singing independence at the Safra Square stage:

      Arbaa Bemol Band with Aaron Ferrera and Yael Badash

      Israeli Rock at the Square: a tribute to the founders if Israeli Rock since the days of the state's establishment: Arik Einstein, Shalom Hanoch, Matti Caspi, Shlomo Artzi, Gidi Gov, Danny Sanderson and more.

      Dancing Independence at the Safra Square stage:  from 11:30 p.m – 3:30 a.m.

      A mass dancing event, Israeli and other folk dances, with leading dance guides: Avner Naim, Haim Tzemach, Boaz Cohen, Mimi Cogan, Gidi Eiko.

      00:30: Fireworks display above the Experimental High School, Independence Park


      Main Stage: Liran Danino, David Deor, Dana International, Youth choir and dancers led by Itai Segev

      Park Hameginim: Matti Caspi, Gabi Shushan, Shiri and Uzi Fuchs

      Hershonson Stage.: Margalit Tzanani, Benny Elbaz , Gabi and Micky Nes, Shlomit Bouhnik, Moran Kriti, Tamir Lidanil, Nati Chen and "The Independence Ride" – a 15 km. bicycle ride on Thursday morning  at 9:00 from Sportec city. For information and registration: 08-9392239.


      Winter Lake Park: Roni Superstar, Berry Sakharof, Hadag Nahash, Beit Habubot, DJ Erez Shitrit

      Kikar Ha'atzmaut: Danny Sanderson, Moshik Afia.