Israeli Music Band Performs in Germany on Holocaust Memorial Day

Israeli music band Balkan Beat Box announced it is going to proceed as scheduled, performing in Munich on eve of Holocaust Memorial Day.

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Rachel Hirshfeld,

Balkan Beat Box
Balkan Beat Box
Flash 90

The Israeli music band Balkan Beat Box has announced that it is going to proceed as scheduled, performing in Munich, Germany on the eve of Holocaust Memorial Day.

While in Israel, entertainment and cultural venues shut down during this time and Israeli state television only airs solemn programming to commemorate the day, the group has decided that regardless of their concert’s error in timing, they are going on with the performance.

The band released a statement of explanation and apology, which does not explicitly mention the Holocaust or Holocaust Memorial Day.saying, “Balkan Beat Box is a group that is active in the international music market. Its activities and staff work on three continents.

"Since the release of the album ‘Give,’ the group went on intensive tours all over the world, which are booked by Europeans and American staff months in advance. As part of that, the April tour was booked with the Munich show.

"When the Israeli band members received the schedule, they realized that show was set for April 18, and a discussion over the question of whether to perform was made, with many serious issues considered. However, eventually it was determined to still put on the show.”

“One of the main messages of the Balkan Beat Box,” the statement continues, is to call for “equality between people of all colors, sex and gender… Naturally, this show will be held in a different form than other nights, considering the timing and importance of this day. The band apologizes for anyone who is offended by the decision.”

In short, the concert is going to be held on the very day that commemorates those who perished during the darkest period of Jewish history, in the very country in which the Nazi regime rose to power and went on to systematically murder six million Jews..