Iran Arrests 15 for Links with Israeli 'Assassination Group'

Iran's intelligence ministry announced that it arrested more than 15 Iranian suspects belonging to Israeli-linked "assassination" network.

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Iranian Warship, Suez Canal
Iranian Warship, Suez Canal

Iran's intelligence ministry announced that it has arrested more than 15 Iranian and foreign suspects belonging to an Israeli-linked "assassination" network, media sources reported on Tuesday.

The ministry also said it has uncovered a spy base run by Israel's Mossad in an unspecified neighboring country. "So far 15 people, holding Iranian birth certificates and foreigners, have been arrested," the ministry was quoted as saying.

The statement said the group's mission "was to identify and assassinate one of our nation's experts and to bomb some of the nation's installations using professionally made technical tools."

It did not identify the alleged targets.

The statement added that the intelligence that uncovered the alleged Israeli-linked group led to "reliable information which showed the Zionist regime illegally used diplomatic missions in some Western countries" to support the group's missions.

Iran frequently announces the arrest of suspected spies working for Israel or the United States without presenting evidence supporting the charges of indictment.