Jewish Shepherds Stoned on Givat Arnon

A gang of Arabs wielding clubs and rocks accosted two Jewish shepherds from Itamar, injuring both before IDF forces arrived.

Gabe Kahn & David Lev,

Arab rioters in Itamar (Archive)
Arab rioters in Itamar (Archive)
Samaria Residents' Council

Two Jewish shepherds from the Shomron community of Itamar were injured on the adjacent Arnon Hill (777) on Thursday by a gang of local Arabs wielding clubs and rocks.

IDF forces were called to the scene and succeeded in dispersing the Arabs, who were still throwing stones at the shepherds when the soldiers arrived.

The scalp of one Jewish shepherd was torn open, while the other sustained injuries to his hands and lower body. Both received medical treatment at the scene.

Samaria Council head Gershon Mesika said that the incident was a serious one.

“It could have ended in a 'lynch' murder by Arabs of the two Jewish farmers. This is the second such incident in this area. Both incidents had the same characteristics, and the perpetrators both came from the same village.”

A similar attack occurred last week near Itamar when ​​Arabs from Aqraba, a village south of Shechem, and radical left-wing activists from the "Combatants for Peace" organization accosted local Jews.

Mesika said that “in the previous incident, leftist activists brought the Arab rioters along with them...There is no reason not to ban the radical leftist activists who stir up the villagers to riot and act violently.”

Rabbi Natan Chai of Itamar called on security officials to act with determination to stop the recent round of terror attacks in the area.

“There are groups who are working hard to attack Jews,” he said. “If we do not stop them now we will be sorry tomorrow," the rabbi said. "I am shocked at the attack on the brother of Rabbi Fogel. Itamar will continue to grow and thrive, despite the continued attacks by Arabs and their lackeys on us.

IDF forces on Wednesday morning also stopped a would-be terrorist bomber at a checkpoint east of Shechem in northern Samaria, not far from Itamar.

A spokesperson for the IDF said the terrorist was carrying improvised explosive devices, three knives, and 50 bullets.

A Border Police bomb disposal unit was called in to dismantle the explosives.