New Foothold in Binyamin – Or Hadash

A group of young men and women have established a new encampment in Binyamin called Or Hadash – despite border police interference.

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Gabe Kahn,

הקמת מאחז
הקמת מאחז
פלאש 90

Some 100 Land of Israel activists, families and youth group members sought to establish a new foothold in Samaria on Tuesday.

The new outpost – named "Or Hadash" from the verse "A new light shine on Zion" in Psalm 136 – was to raised in West Binyamim, near the site of an ancient Hasmonean-era community.

However, Border Police were waiting for the activists with an order to confiscate "serial settlers" tools. Two girls who asked to see the order were detained and then released.

In place of establishing a new community, activites were held for children including the building of a "small forest" of connected stones and a lightweight structure.

A core of young men and women who plan to stay at Or Hadash also established a campsite.

Pioneer leader Daniella Weiss said, "The people of Israel will decide the fate of the Land of Israel, not the government."

"We were here before Obama and the American Dominion," Weiss said. "We are here to tell the people that the Land of Israel is for the People of Israel, and that we will continue build everywhere," she said.

Shlomit, one of the young woman planning to remain at Or Hadash said, "We reclaim our patrimony, which has been waiting for us for 2,000 years. Do not despair the destroyers, despite all the destruction we shall overcome."