Video: 'Lone' Soldiers Wish You ‘Happy Passover’

French and American “lone” soldiers, without families in Israel, wish their extended Jewish families around the world a Happy Passover.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu ,

'Happy Passover' from IDF soldiers
'Happy Passover' from IDF soldiers
Israel news screenshot: Official IDF video

IDF spokesmen visited several land and naval bases in Israel to film "lone" soldiers along with Israelisת to hear their feelings about the Passover holiday and present a “global experience.”

“Pesach means the freedom of Israel and its people," said one American serving in the IDF. “For a lone soldier, family is to be with other soldiers," said another.

A French native serving in the armed forces was grateful for the opportunity to speak. “I would like to say happy holidays to all soldiers in Israel and to all who are going to be far from their families and not be able to spend it with them.”

Another soldier from France said, “Happy Pesach to my family in France. I hope they watch it. I love you all.”

Two Israeli naval control officers reminded everyone, “Because of our work, you can sleep and enjoy the holiday in safety.”