IAF Base in Galilee Braces for Bird Season

Bird migration season is a problem for IAF Base Ramat David. That is where Strike the dog comes in.

Gil Ronen,

IAF Website

Springtime is about to begin and bird migration season will soon be upon us. This spells problems for IAF jets, which need to steer clear of collisions with the birds. It is especially problematic at IAF Base Ramat David, in the heart of the Jezre'el Valley – located along a central bird migration route. Bird migration season doubles the risk of accidents at the base.

IAF Website reports that IAFB Ramat David is dealing with the problem with the help of a dog named Strike.

Strike is described as "an exceedingly professional and serious dog" whose job it is to strike fear into the hearts of the birds that land near the base and to scare them away.

His owner, biologist Haggai Kupstein, says that the general idea in keeping the birds away is to make sure there are "fewer attractions" for the birds. This requires dealing with the entire ecosystem: "Once there are no weeds, there are no bugs, lizards and rodents – and then there are no birds, either. They simply have no reason to be here."  

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