Mention of Tel Aviv Elicits Enraged Arab Response

Lebanese TV station angry over poster for an assessment test that includes names of world capitals, including Tel Aviv.

Rachel Hirshfeld,

Downtown Tel Aviv
Downtown Tel Aviv
Flash 90

A poster advertising a standardized finance test has caused rage in Lebanon due to its mention of the city of Tel Aviv.

"Tel Aviv [is] in the Heart of Beirut Arab University (BAU)” and “BAU students [are offered] an opportunity to work in the Zionist entity’s capital Tel Aviv,” asserted internet television station Saida TV, regarding a poster hanging on university grounds. The poster includes Tel Aviv on a list of capital cities worldwide. The report was cited by AhlulBayt News Agency.

The Saida TV report claims that the “colorful poster,” which hangs by “the university principal’s office, and on all floors of the faculties,” calls on students to "apply for jobs in the Zionist entity, which was established on the ruins of Palestine and the displacements of its people." 

"The university's students resented the poster, saying that their university was established by former Egyptian Leader Gamal Abdel Nasser, who refused to negotiate, hold peace, or acknowledge [the existence of] ‘Israel",’ Saida TV stated.

The report also alleged that the BAU violated the law that made it mandatory to boycott Israel, despite being one of the victims of the "Israeli invasion” of Beirut in 1982.

The poster advertises the Bloomberg Assessment Test, and lists world capitals to suggest cities in which those who pass the test may find employment.