Know thine enemy!.",0,'/001',1),new O.Reply(1242259,1263226,"New Testament","Janice","Dnvr",nIDate(1,2012,2,5,5772,6,11,20,17,",0"),"Is very Jewish book; just as Smuley Botech says. \u00A0There\'s nothing dangerous in it. \u00A0Just like anyother material a person see\'s some truth, no truth, or undecided. \u00A0If it comes to home, you don\'t want trash it like anyother piece of disguarded mail.",-2,'',0),new O.Reply(1242281,1263256,"Touching a new tetament will convert a jew to Christianity","David","Lethbridge",nIDate(1,2012,2,5,5772,6,11,20,59,",0"),"This is starting to look like superstitious nonsense.Is Freedom of speech to be curtailed by the Postal Service?Who cares about \"New Testaments\"Allowing the leftist unionized Postal service to decide what gets delivered and what does not means allowing the postal service to stifle free speech! \u00A0New testaments will just be the start ! The recipient is entitlted to make their decsion of what ever the postal service delivers. \u00A0Has no one heard of \"Junk Mail\"",0,'',0),new O.Reply(1242281,1263422,"Good points, David.","Eric","USA",nIDate(2,2012,2,6,5772,6,12,0,40,",0"),"",-1,'/001',1),new O.Reply(1242281,1263820,"#32","sijjan8","Millington,Tn",nIDate(2,2012,2,6,5772,6,12,17,33,",0"),"Well written",-3,'/002',1),new O.Reply(1242300,1263285,"Thank you Postal Service","MYOB","",nIDate(1,2012,2,5,5772,6,11,21,44,",0"),"Refreshing to hear there are still מקבים among us.",2,'',0),new O.Reply(1242376,1263411,"This is the same attitude that Saudi Arabia has!","Eric","USA",nIDate(2,2012,2,6,5772,6,12,0,28,",0"),"Saudi Arabia bans Bibles, and Jews are banning the New Testament! What\'s wrong with Jews?? People have a right to believe or not believe what they want. It\'s the height of folly to not allow freedom of religion. This business about not delivering the New Testament makes one question if whether the Jews are as wicked, as morally corrupt, as the Muslims are. It\'s hard to tell the difference. Who\'s worse, a Jew who bans the New Testament, or a Muslim who bans it??",-1,'',0),new O.Reply(1242395,1263443,"Yasher Koach to mailmen!!!","emmesseyidel","",nIDate(2,2012,2,6,5772,6,12,1,8,",0"),"",5,'',0),new O.Reply(1242403,1263455,"Deliver the mail !","Cliff Ross","Conway",nIDate(2,2012,2,6,5772,6,12,1,22,",0")," One book is no different than any other. You must be afraid if you think a BOOK can harm your way of life and teachings. Spread knowledge, even if you disagree with the book contents. Spend your time instead, trying to elect representatives who will respect your wishes and wants, not the Arabs\'.",-3,'',0),new O.Reply(1242426,1263487,"Reply to No \"good news\" thank you!","Gerry","UK",nIDate(2,2012,2,6,5772,6,12,2,17,",0"),"About 1900 years ago a respected teacher of the law named Gamaliel \u00A0said of the first Christians (i.e. Jews) \"...Keep away from these men and let them alone; for if this plan or this work is of men, it will come to nothing; but if it is of G-D, you cannot overthrow it - lest you even be found to fight against G-D.\" ",2,'',0),new O.Reply(1242431,1263501,"what if Postal service finds poison in the mail?","moshephilly","",nIDate(2,2012,2,6,5772,6,12,2,41,",0"),"what if Postal service finds poison in the mail? Should they deliver it anyway?",6,'',0),new O.Reply(1242476,1263595,"s rosenthal south africa","s rosenthal","johannesburg,",nIDate(2,2012,2,6,5772,6,12,6,45,",0"),"well done postmen. you are guardians of our people",4,'',0),new O.Reply(1242512,1263646,"to deliver or not","nelsonsamuel","SCW",nIDate(2,2012,2,6,5772,6,12,9,38,",0"),"An American proverb says that there is more than one way to skin a cat. The Postal Authorities are required to deliver the mail. The Gospel Bible must be delivered. \u00A0Ok. \u00A0Now arrest those who mailed the Bible since they violated the law against missionizing in Israel. ",4,'',0),new O.Reply(1242568,1263717,"missionaries israel post","pnina","nice france",nIDate(2,2012,2,6,5772,6,12,14,37,",0"),"shalom, the israeli post is correct, because these missionaries are using methods, which are to conert jews a campaign very spread even in internet at pity some times wich pictures covering arutz sheva news. in internet it is very diffu difficult to get torah commentaries, because christian propaganda is disturbing. these missionaries are very dangerous i do not hate them, but we should be more actentive",5,'',0),new O.Reply(1242568,1264336,"Pnina","Brod","USA",nIDate(3,2012,2,7,5772,6,13,15,29,"ת. אסתר,3"),"You sound more like the Wahhabhist fear of Christians. \u00A0The New Testament was written by GODLY Jewish men. \u00A0Why are you fearful of reading Scripture written by Jews?",-4,'/001',1),new O.Reply(1242644,1263811,"Any and all mail MUST be delivered, huh?","Gavi Meyer","Atlanta",nIDate(2,2012,2,6,5772,6,12,17,24,",0"),"I suppose that would include letters with poisonous substances too. After all, the sender did pay the postage.",5,'',0),new O.Reply(1242674,1263854,"No. \"afraid\" of \"truth\" is not the reasoning.","Gavi Meyer","Atlanta",nIDate(2,2012,2,6,5772,6,12,18,42,",0"),"Would any Xtian want \"heretic\" material, sent to their college age children? No. The results can be disastrous, and far from their beliefs and principles. The posts from NT adherents, who think that a Jew, rejecting missionary material, is \"afraid of truth\" is in error. Many Jews know what is in the NT. It\'s not a book that we have not examined. Whether you argue if he existed or not, was he evil or well meaning or not, is not the point. WORSHIPING A MAN AS G-D IS IDOLATRY! That\'s the pointI",5,'',0),new O.Reply(1242674,1264334,"Gavi","Brod","USA",nIDate(3,2012,2,7,5772,6,13,15,24,"ת. אסתר,3"),"Your argument shows that you do not know the New Testament. \u00A0You have not read it. \u00A0",-4,'/001',1),new O.Reply(1242888,1264205,"A light unto the nations","?","",nIDate(3,2012,2,7,5772,6,13,7,39,"ת. אסתר,3"),"is set apart from that which it cast to. Israel is not the nations. The nations laws are not halacha. There is no \"fear\" however there is obligation to keep the ONLY covenant.",5,'',0),new O.Reply(1246153,1268650,"Mail","Debi","St. Louis",nIDate(3,2012,2,14,5772,6,20,20,29,",0"),"This is why there are rockets in Israel!!! \u00A0Buses on Shabbos, delivery of missionary materials....wanting to be like the WORLD!! \u00A0",0,'',0),new O.Reply(1263297,1291455,"What does OUR \u0073criptures say?","Steven Elijah","Jerusalem",nIDate(3,2012,3,25,5772,8,3,20,52,"יום הזיכרון,4"),"G-D told \u00A0Moses to tell the people that He would send to the people a man like Moses. He would be a Jew. He would be one who talked personally to G-D and who heard from G-D. He would be a worker of miracles showing G-D by these miracles was backing up the words of this person. This person would be a Prophet. Lastly Moses told the people that whoever would not listen to the words of this man (Messiach??) would be cut off from the land of the living.....This should keep you up nights.",1,'',0)]); } if (window.News) d(); else $(window).one("news_load",d);