Enthusiasts Reenact Battles of World War II

Ukraine's capital Kiev hosted an impressive reenactment of the Red Army's 1944 counterattack on Nazi forces.

Elad Benari, Canada ,

Ukraine reenacts 1944 Red Army battle
Ukraine reenacts 1944 Red Army battle
WNU Photo/Andriy Semeniuk

Ukraine’s capital hosted this week an impressive attraction, the International Reenactment Festival Na Brone Pobedy (On the Armor of Victory) on illuminating the economic, industrial, and scientific distinctions of World War II.

In the spring of 1944, the Red Army commenced a profound counterattack on the plains outside of Kiev, obliterating and removing the German military’s occupation of the area. That attack was reenacted at this week’s festival.

According to Vladyslav Taranets, a reenacting Commander of the Red Army, “Our reenactment has the purpose of reconstructing the events of spring 1944, when the Red Army started their massive counterattack against the Germans.

“The most important moments of this battle happened here in Ukraine, which led to the removal of the Germans by the Red Army all over the territory of Ukraine by the end of spring 1944,” he noted. “The cold and snowy weather conditions that we have today are identical to those in 1944, which lets us experience our reenactment very close to the real battle of 68 years ago. For the reenactment we’re using a large amount of military ammunition and people who demonstrate their skill very well.”

The majority of the participants in the Reenactment Festival Na Brone Pobedy have more than just a love for history, but a passion for the equipment, weapons and machinery involved. One participant, reenacting as an American soldier, stated, “I started my hobby collecting military items when I was ten years old, then it was playing with other kids who lived on my street, and now - war reenactments. When it comes to our weapons and military cars it is a very interesting and complicated hobby at the same time. Most of the spare parts we order come from abroad, which can be rather expensive. Some of our items we fabricate with our own hands and some are one hundred percent authentic…As far as the machine guns, holsters, and uniforms, they are entirely authentic from 1942. It gives such a rush of adrenalin to participate at this battle – just to live one day in this condition gives unbelievable feelings.”

WNU Photos/Andriy Semeniuk


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