Report: Shalit Deal Terrorists Plan Kidnappings

Four terrorists released in Shalit deal return to terror. Defense sources say they are not alone.

Maayana Miskin,

Freed terrorists
Freed terrorists
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Four of the terrorists released in exchange for kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit have returned to terrorist activity. The four were recently arrested, and are facing return to prison.

Military prosecutors are asking to send the four back to complete their original sentences. However, their lawyers are asking for a new trial and sentencing based exclusively on their latest crimes.

The four have been identified as Hana al-Shalabi, 25, of Islamic Jihad, Iman Sharwana, 36, of Hamas, Iman abu-Daoud, 34, of Hamas, and Majdi al-Ajouli of Islamic Jihad.

Security sources quoted by the Hebrew-language daily Yediot Aharonot warned that the four Shalit deal terrorists who have been arrested are not alone in having returned to terror. Many of those released in the deal are interested in freeing those terrorists remaining in Israel’s prisons by arranging another release deal.

To that end, they are seeking to kidnap Israeli soldiers or civilians.

A total of 1,027 terrorists were freed in exchange for Shalit, who had been held captive in Gaza for several years after he was kidnapped in an attack on soldiers in southern Israel. Before their release the terrorists were asked to sign forms promising not to engage in terrorist activity in the future.