Video: Assad Starving Children to Death

Amb. Prosor told the UN Syrian children are starving to death. “They look out at the camera with pleading eyes – desperate for help.”

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu,

Ambassador Ron Prosor
Ambassador Ron Prosor
Israel news photo: Wikimedia Commons/Embassy of Israel, London

Israeli Ambassador Ron Prosor told the United Nations Monday that Syrian children are dying from famine but that “they are not the tragic fatalities of a famine. They are not the accidental casualties of war. They are the deliberate targets of a brutal regime that will commit any crime and cross any line to cling to power.”

“They look out at the camera with pleading eyes – desperate for help,” he said in a discussion on Syrian President Bashar Assad’s continuing brutal suppression of the 11-month-old rebellion."

“Today I recall the images of infants and young children from the Baba Amr neighborhood of Hom,” Ambassador Prosor stated. “They are injured, covered in bandages and terrified beyond belief… These children are trying to reach out to the world. They are asking the world to lend a hand.

"No decent human being can ignore pictures like this…. These pictures of helplessness in the face of death serve as a moral call to every person and every nation in the world. Nowhere is that call more clear than here at the United Nations.”

Russia and China have balked at efforts by Western countries to censure Syria and authorize harsh international sanctions to try to end the massive death toll, which has reached at least 7,000. Tens of thousands of others have been wounded.

Prosor accused Assad of “systematically murdering civilians. His tanks are trampling on the rights of peaceful protestors. His forces are raping and torturing men, women and children.

“Assad has no moral authority to govern. With every home that is destroyed by a mortar, with every youth that is struck by a sniper bullet, with every person that is tortured, the twisted moral compass of this regime comes into greater focus.

“Bashar-al Assad may have been trained as an eye doctor, but in practice he only tries to blind the international community to the crimes of his regime.”