Get Out the Snow Boots for Shabbat

Rain – and probably snow – will fall on Jerusalem this Sabbath, weather buffs predict, as a huge winter storm heads towards Israel.<br/>

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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu,

Snow may fall on Jerusalem on the Sabbath
Snow may fall on Jerusalem on the Sabbath
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Rain – and probably snow – will fall on Jerusalem this Sabbath, weather buffs predict as a huge winter storms heads towards Israel.

Israel is enjoying near-springtime temperatures in the upper 60s Monday, but it will cool off on Tuesday, with light rain possible in the north at night. Although the thermometer may rise a bit on Wednesday, with a chance of isolated showers in the north, the mercury will take a dive on Thursday, accompanied by high winds and rain, with snow on the Hermon.

The official forecast does not extend into Friday, but weather forums as far back as last Friday posted forecasts that Israel is in the direct path of a rain and snowstorm that will pack its wallop on Friday and the Sabbath.

Snow will fall on Jerusalem and on other hilly areas, according to Boaz Dayan, who operates the “Israel Weather” forum.

Rain will fall in the north and central regions on Thursday, predicts weather forecaster Avi Kozkro on the Israeli Tapuz weather forum.

“Isolated rain is probable, primarily in the north, on Friday morning," he forecasts, but “winds will strengthen in the afternoon and evening, with rain, hail and thunderstorms. Snow will fall on the Hermon and spread to the northern Golan Heights and Meron,” near Tzfat.

Israelis will welcome the precipitation, even if it is only rain. The Kinneret lacks four meters, more than 12 feet, before reaching its flood level, where dams would be opened up and allow water to pour into the Jordan River and Dead Sea.

It would take a minor miracle for the flood level to be reached this year, but continued rain and snow could bring the Kinneret to its highest level in years before the beginning of summer.