Arab Rock Attack on Baby Yonatan's Uncles

Five months after Asher and Yonatan Palmer were murdered, his uncles and cousins have survived a similar attack.

Gil Ronen,

Asher and Yonatan Palmer
Asher and Yonatan Palmer
Israel news photo: Courtesy of Palmer family

Five months after baby Yonatan Palmer and his father Asher were murdered in an Arab drive-by rock attack, Yonatan's aunt and uncle and their children survived a similar attack.

Asher and Yonatan were driving near Kiryat Arba last September 23 when Arab terrorists in an oncoming car hurled a large rock at the windshield. The rock smashed into Asher's head and he lost control of the car. He and Yonatan were killed, leaving behind a grieving widow and mother, Pua. 

On Tuesday afternoon, Pua's sister, Nechama Goldberger, was in a car in Samaria with her husband Aryeh and children, when they were attacked.

"We were driving with all the children to a family Tu B'Shvat event in Hod HaSharon," related Aryeh. "Shortly after five o'clock, when we were on the Gilad Route between Yitzhar and Kedumim, rocks were thrown at us. One of the rocks smashed the front windshield, but we kept on driving."

Aryeh drove some distance away from the ambush site and called security forces, who he says were slow to arrive. "The rocks continued [to be thrown], we saw some Arabs with kaffiyehs on their faces trying to set tires on fire. Meanwhile we informed the army through the hotline, but the forces only arrived after 15 minutes."

Goldberger told Arutz Sheva that the attack brought back memories of the tragedy last year. "for us and for the children it was not a simple matter. It reminded us of the attack in which Asher and Yonatan were murdered; they, too, were on their way to a family event. This time it ended miraculously, but it took us back in time."

He said that he and Nechama intend to continue to use the roads. "We filed a police complaint, and the army has already caught one of the rock throwers. We hope the army will beef up its forces, to prevent similar cases in the future. For our part, we will continue to drive in the roads of Samaria."

Less than two weeks ago, Pua Palmer gave birth to a daughter, Orit.