Dead Soldier's Uncle Says IDF Whitewashing Failure

The family of Dvir Moore Onikvoski, 20, who died at Soroka on Tuesday says the IDF is trying to cover up a serious failure.

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Gabe Kahn.,

Dvir Moore Onikovski, OBM
Dvir Moore Onikovski, OBM
Courtesy: Family


The family of IDF soldier Dvir Moore Onikovski, 20, who died at Soroka Medical Center on Tuesday says, "There was a major failure of the army."

Onikovski, who was training with Israel's elite Sheldag (Kingfisher) unit, complained of weakness and fever over the weekend.

After a series of tests at the military base he was transported to Soroka, where he underwent a rapid and unexpected deterioration and died.

According to pathologists the cause of death was complications from an infection that spread through his blood and resulted in multi-system failure syndrome.

An IDF spokesman added, "The preliminary investigation conducted by the chief medical officer revealed Friday that the soldier complained Friday of fever and weakness and was taken to the base clinic for testing. He was monitored by a paramedic at the clinic."

"On Saturday, when his medical condition did not improve, he was transported to Soroka Medical Center, who diagnosed  he had an infection spreading in his body," the spokesman said.

"A thorough investigation will be conducted in the coming days and the issue of the soldiers care and transfer to Soroka will be examined," they added.

Onikovski's uncle Nissim Metzuda told the Hebrew-language Israel Hayom on Tuesday, "Dvir was at the base where he complained of pains and high fever. He lay with a fever through the night and no one thought to send him to hospital."

"Only when he collapsed and his body began to fail was he belatedly sent to Soroka Hospital, where he was in the ICU and his condition deteriorated this morning and was pronounced dead. Probably as a result of the virus. Clearly there was a major failure.

"Dvir could not know what he would face and tried to overcome every challenge, but commanders are expected to take responsibility and should have flown him immediately to a hospital. I expect from the commander of the Air Force to establish a commission of inquiry.

This tragedy must not be whitewashed so that we can prevent it from happening again. All who knew him understood what great potential he had," he said of his nephew.

Onikovski was an excellent student and an outstanding athlete who rode for Israel's national youth cycling team and represented Israel in international competitions.

He graduated high school with honors and then volunteered for national service in the Nitzana Youth Village before entering the IDF as a volunteer in the combat arms.

His mother, Hagit, passed away three years ago. He leaves behind a father and three brothers. .