IDF Soldier Dies Unexpectedly at Soroka

A soldier training to enter the IDF's elite Sheldag unit died a sudden and unexpected death after complaining of 'weakness.'

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Dvir Moore Aonicovs
Dvir Moore Aonicovs
באדיבות המשפחה

A soldier training to enter the elite IDF Sheldag (Kingfisher) unit died at the Soroka University Medical Center in Beersheba on Monday.

The soldier, Dvir Moore Onikovski, was rushed to the hospital this weekend after complaining of discomfort and weakness.

After a series of tests at the military base he was transported to Soroka, where he underwent a rapid and unexpected deterioration and died.

The cause of death appears to be complications from an infection that spread through his blood and resulted in multi-system failure syndrome.

Pathologists are still waiting for final tests and mapping the course of the infection before finalizing their report.

A military source said commanders have no reason to believe his death and the exercises his unit were conducting when he was taken to hospital were connected as he complained of weakness before they began.

IDF investigators are inspecting both Saroka and the military facility Onikovski was treated at as a part of their investigation.